Meet Kelly Sedgwick Thompson

Menopause Maven/Life Coach

I am a coach passionate about assisting other women through menopause and all the areas that are affected by this change of life. I have a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology and have spent over 20 years dedicated to behavioral health and coaching others to life-improving changes.

After 20 years of engaging thousands in both personal and professional development, I now focus on hormonal health in menopause.

My experience has allowed me to work with students, leaders, families, corporations and global influencers in a variety of situations. I have helped people one on one and the psycho/social research I have provided for NY Times best selling authors has helped people on a much larger scale.

This variety of experience helps me to coach others to reach their unrealized goals and make life improving changes.

In addition to being a resource in regards to menopause, I have also helped women achieve a multitude of goals such as:

  • Significant weight loss & achievement of health goals
  • Gaining a regular occurring segment on CNN
  • Completion of writing and publishing a first book
  • Starting a booming business
  • Completion of a degree in medicine
  • Destroying stigma and following through with counseling
  • Completion of relationship goals as a couple
  • Reframing for leaders in crises as a part of their support team

Whatever area of life is being effected by a shift in hormonal health, your whole person needs attending. With support you can regain your balance and acquire a quality of life better than you imagined. I am here to help.


Valorie Burton
“Kelly has a natural gift for insight that makes her a very thought-provoking coach. She can help you peel back the layers to ask yourself the kinds of questions that will challenge you to move forward and make the necessary changes to do so. She has coached me and helped me understand critical insights at key moments in my life.“

Valorie Burton

Founder of The CaPP Institute, best-selling author.
Katrina Hutchins

“Kelly is a dynamic Personal and Executive Coach! She has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of a matter. In laser-like fashion, Kelly pierces through barriers that serve as impediments to optimal living and work. If you are ready, really ready to step into the next level, invite Kelly to journey with you. Your transformation is just one contact away!”

Katrina Hutchins

Entrepreneur, Coach, Author, Inspirational Speaker
Candice Hamilton

“I’ve known Kelly for over 20 years and believe the work she does for the community is indispensable. Kelly is not only a skilled and experienced life coach and behavioral health professional, she leads and inspires hope and change by example. She cries out to those in need and shares in their story, giving them a voice and a safe space. I highly recommend this genuine, gifted life coach.”

Candice Hamilton

Writer, Editor, Brand Strategist.
Tina Polite

“Kelly is a detailed and compassionate professional who excels in multi-platforms in the counseling and professional coaching arena. I highly recommend Kelly for both personal and professional consultation. She is hands on, practical and confidential.”

Tina Polite

Senior Level PR, Counselor/Principle, Tina Polite & Associates
Adelina N. Gentry
“Kelly provides a new-fresh voice enabling you to formulate a strategy for execution! She walks you through the steps of turning your passion into reality with profound insight that awakens the desires inside of you while adding significance to circumstances of your past + your present to aid you in building your distinguished future.” 

Adelina N. Gentry

Former Professional Basketball Player, Player Development, Business Coach and Speaker
Valerie Reliford

“Not only did I enjoy my sessions with Kelly, but our interactions set me on a path of really trying to figure out what I truly wanted out of life. Kelly never told me what I should or needed to do. She simply helped me realize what I actually believe about myself, my past, and my future. From there, she was able to lead me into the necessary steps to build on or modify those realizations.”

Valerie Reliford

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