Our Services

It’s about helping women re-stablish their balance when Endo-Meno matters shake things up.

Coaching sessions guide individuals through new and tough situations into informed and empowered new normals.

When we work together, we partner up to best support each client’s unique and individual needs by providing information and inspiring discovery. This discovery empowers clients to learn more about an inevitable, developmental, life process that most of our Mothers didn’t tell us about and can’t walk us through.

How we work together:

-Convenient, confidential and impacting 50 minute weekly scheduled, one-on-one tele-coaching sessions

-Coaching sessions are non-refundable and are paid upfront and in full, in 1 month, 3 month and 6-month packages. Clients have sessions 4 weeks out of the month.

If you desire an appointment or more information, please complete the below form or call 919-646-5128.

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